Is the freelancer replaceable in case of unsatisfaction or failure?

Yes. Every time a freelancer incurs a default condition, non-conformity, failure to reply to a client’s questions, requires to leave the country or any other unforeseen events that simultaneously put the good quality work for which he/she was hired for, Scallent is committed to select a new freelancer that ensures the best continuity or conclusion of the project.

Am I obliged to use Scallent's collaborative platform ?

If it is for the completion of a project, we recommend it, however, it is not necessary. If you require an hourly contract and do not have a total amount of hours defined and agreed, it will be necessary for these reasons:

Firstly, the use of the platform is useful because it allows communication, planning and managing tasks, times, and store useful files for your project. Secondly, it may be recommended if you want to protect yourself from possible disagreements. In this case, the use of the collaborative platform is required to benefit from the Scallent resolution of disputes service.

Does Scallent do project management?

The project management service is optional and additional, therefore, Scallent can provide this service as long as it’s specifically requested by the client.

What are the contracting formats of a freelancer?

Essentially, there are two formats:

  • Project – Implies a start and finishing date and a fixed value of a project.
  • Hourly Contract – The professional is hired for the provision of services through the agreed hourly price. The invoice is received every 15 days, based on the registered hours.

If I am not satisfied, will I get a refund?

The client has 15 days from the start of the association with the professional to make their unsatisfaction known. In this case, Scallent will make the refund at that moment. The refund only applies exclusively to the first realized payment.

What is the difference between Scallent and other freelance platforms?

  1. At Scallent we work exclusively with the top talent, professionals that were selected from high requirement levels.
  2. The client is not wasting time and doesn’t run the risk of going wrong in their choice. The matching process is accomplished by or talent specialists that know better than anyone which person best corresponds with the requests of the project.
  3. We offer Agency quality, for the price of a freelancer.
  4. Protected Payment – The client knows that their money is only sent to the freelancer with everything that was requested by the client and the freelancer knows that they will receive their money on time.
  5. Resolution of Disputes – Scallent can act in case of disagreements between the freelancer and the client. We will promote a meeting point for both parties to agree, which permits the client to be happy with the end result of the project.
  6. We provide collaborative platform online for the planning and management of the project, tasks, communication and sharing of files between both parties.

What is the Scallent Badge?

The Scallent Badge is an attributed distinction that, consecutively and evidently, fulfill the criteria of quality established by Scallent. These criterias are evaluated by our Pool’s quality, that is developed by our talent and technical direction specialists and they not only settle competence techniques but also interpersonal qualities (soft skills) such as:

  • Deadline accomplishments
  • Resilience in problem solving
  • Speed in answering client’s queeries
  • Positive/Constructive attitude
  • Teamwork

Among many others.