Application Screening

We filter and categorize all submissions received.


Skills Assessment

We vet and profile potential talents, according to strict quality and demand parameters.


Interview, evaluation of softskills and aptitude tests

We interview the talent in person or via video conference, referring to your technical knowledge through aptitude tests.


Integration of Pool

Once the talent is approved, the candidate is integrated in our Pool, making themselves eligible to work on Scallent’s clients’ projects.


Evaluation Continues

Scallent Rating: Our talents are continually evaluated in their competences, softskills and performance demonstrated in our client’s projects, while keeping Pool’s quality.

Scallent Badge: The talents that comply consecutively and evidently with Scallent’s quality criteria, are identified with this badge of certified quality.

SCALLENT - Scale your talent
A Jelly's company
SCALLENT - Scale your talent
A Jelly's company